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A Bike For Every Rider

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Bike Availability

Bike Availability

Do we have bikes?


We currently have a limited selection of bikes for adults, including SCOTT, Jamis, and Marin mountain bikes, Manhattan cruisers, SCOTT, Marin, and Jamis hybrid and greenway bikes. We have a limited selection of youth bicycles from walkers to 26" mountain bikes. 

When will we have new bicycles?

Scott-We have an extremely limited number of mountain bikes and women's subcross bicycles.


Jamis-We have a limited selection of DXTs, Hudsons, and Helix A2.  

Marin- We currently have several adult and youth mountain bikes, as well as hybrid and greenway bikes.  

Can we order a specific bicycle for you?


No.  There are no brands allowing special orders at this time.  

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