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Bike Availability

Do we have bikes?


At this time we have no adult bicycles available.  We have a limited selection of youth bicycles from walkers to 24" mountain bikes. 

When will we have new bicycles?

We wish we had an answer. All of the brands we sell, including our two main brands Scott and Jamis have been unable to give definitive availability or delivery dates.  We placed our 2021 orders in July and all of the ETA's are moving targets.  Jamis provided late Fall to early Winter and turn of the year dates, while Scott's earliest dates are toward the end of November, with most are showing after the new year.  We know that the number of bikes allocated will be limited and we will not receive everything that we ordered.  How our allocation is decided is unknown to us.


Can we order a specific bicycle for you?

Maybe.  At this time Jamis is not allowing any orders outside of our preseason order in July 2020.  Scott has very limited quantities of a very limited selection of bikes.  Most of these are higher end.  If you are interested in one of the higher end Scott bikes, let us know and we will check availability.  Our other brands such as Cult, Prevelo, Verde, etc. have not opened ordering for 2021 at this time.  Kink bicycles will open their 2021 ordering in January.


Will we have kids bikes for Christmas?

Maybe.  Scott has given us no date for when we will be able to order youth bikes, or when they will be shipped.  We do have a limited selection of youth bicycles at this time, but are unsure what we will have left by Christmas.  Currently we have walker bikes, 12", 16", 20" geared and single speed, and 24" geared and single speed bikes. 




What Scott and Jamis bikes are we expecting?

Again we have not been given any guarantees that we will receive all that we have ordered, and some we ordered have already been taken out of the model year.  Scott has not opened their entire catalog for pre-orders at this time.  These are the bikes we hope to receive (subject to change):





Find out more details by selecting the bike you are interested in.

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