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Bike Availability


Do we have bikes?


We currently have a limited selection of bikes for adults, including SCOTT, Jamis, and Marin mountain bikes, Manhattan cruisers, SCOTT, Marin, and Jamis hybrid and greenway bikes. We have a limited selection of youth bicycles from walkers to 26" mountain bikes. 

When will we have new bicycles?

Scott-We have an extremely limited number of mountain bikes and women's subcross bicycles.  We have been notified of our allocation for 2022 but are still awaiting arrival eta's.  


Jamis-We have a limited selection of DXTs, Hudsons, and Helix A2.  In July we preordered what 2022 models were available to order.  Along with you we await information on  what our allocation may be and arrival eta's. 

Marin-We are thrilled to be adding Marin to our shop for 2022!  We are already receiving a limited selection of bikes and are waiting to order the new 2022's.  We currently have several adult and youth mountain bikes, as well as hybrid and greenway bikes.  

Can we order a specific bicycle for you?


No.  There are no brands allowing special orders at this time.