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What Your Bike is Made Of

Most of us jump on our bikes and ride them without thinking much about them until suddenly they don't ride like they used to, or we crash and something is definitely broken.  Then we have to take it somewhere to get it fixed.  Upon arrival you are asked what is going on with the bike, and in horror you realize you have no idea what that part of the bike is called so try to explain without sounding like you have no idea.  Don't worry, you are not alone, but it doesn't have to be that way.  A little knowledge can't get you more comfortable with your bike, help you maintain it, and ask questions that you may not have known to ask or were too embarrassed.    


Over the next month we'll be looking at the different parts and components that make up road and mountain bikes.  Many of these can be translated to hybrids and commuter bikes, as well.  Once we work our way through the basics of how various parts function, we'll look closer at different levels of components (focusing on SRAM & Shimano).  Essentially, we'll look at what makes a $500 bike versus a $2000 bike and up?  

For now, check out the diagrams below: 

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