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As your young cyclist grows, so will his cycling ambitions! When the neighborhood is no longer enough, the Brave Ryder 20 is ready to ride where your child has never ridden before. From paved paths to gravel trails, the Ryder 20's high-volume, smooth-tread tires are perfect for your first longer rides together as you explore the local frontier. COG Optimized geometry reinforces confidence in both parents and children by enhancing balance and control, and making it easier to get on and off the bike.

Brave Ryder 20 Oil Slick

    • Supalite Aluminum frame - For easy pedaling and maneuverability.
    • COG Optimized Geometry - COG stands for Center Of Gravity. Brave Bicycles keep it low for better balance and to make it easier to get on and off the bike.
    • Adjustable handbrake levers for safe and confident stopping powers for hands of all sizes.
    • Coaster foot brake and hand brake allows the rider to gradually adjust from his previous coaster-brake-only bike.
    • Colorful TPR Safety Foam - Located at crucial touch points on the bicycle for greater safety...and exciting looks!
    • Rear Saddle Handle - No more grabbing a fistful of sweater to help your child learn to ride. The saddle handle is easy on the material and easy on your back, too!
    • Extra-Padded Saddle - Because with greater comfort comes greater ridability.
    • Safe 'n Stylish Chainguard - To keep pants clean and protect curious fingers.
    • High Volume Smooth Tread Tires - For easy rolling, high durability, and enhanced balance on pavement and hard-packed surfaces.
    • Weight - 23lbs
  • Handlebar Width:  22 in

    Height at Grips:  33-1/2 in

    Top Tube Length:  17-1/2 in

    Standover Height:  19 in

    Min Seatpost Height:  23-1/2 in

    Max Seatpost Height:  26-1/2 in

    Weight:  23 lbs

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