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Who is Kyle Mitchell?

person riding mountain bike
Kyle Mitchell competing for Excite Bikes in the Winter Series 2019

He's just a regular guy. A 21 year old rising senior at NC State, studying Civil Engineering. He likes to ride his bike. He's about to ride a bike ~4500 miles across the country with 29 other people (ages 18-25) he's never met. Because, "why not?"

Kyle and his 29 mystery companions are participating in the Ulman Foundation 4k For Cancer ride across the country to raise money to help young adults battling cancer. Each participant is required to raise $4500 to complete the ride.

About a year ago, a teammate on the NCSU triathlon club team told Kyle about his experience doing the trip and how much fun he had. Around this time a beloved neighbor passed away from cancer, so in addition to having an adventure, Kyle wanted to honor his friend by participating in the ride.

He has successfully raised $4900 and will begin his journey from Baltimore June 2. 4500 miles, against the wind and over a lot of mountains, later on August 10 the team will roll into Seattle. They will ride 60 out of 70 days, averaging 80 miles per day.

A Few Details:

Support: 2 15 passenger vans to hold their single duffle bag per person

-Each day 4 team members drive/nagivate/set up water stations

-Sleeping on floors of churches, ymca's, and other pre-arranged host sites

-Breakfast and Dinner provided by host sites, restaurant or grocery store provides lunch

The Bike: Everyone is given the same Jamis bike after reaching $1500

-3 Chain Ring, 20 lb, steel framed tank

The Mechanic: Kyle will be one of 2 team mechanics

-changing tires, applying chain lube, basic maintenance

Laundry Situation: Carry your sweaty kits with you in your duffel bags until you get to a place with a convenient laundromat (we have suggested lots of Ziploc bags and Butt Butter)

How Do the Day to Day Rides Work: Ride in groups of 4-5

-water stations roughly every 20 miles, at which point groups are changed up

-ride at the speed of the slowest person-each small group waits at the water stations until every rider arrives and recovers before beginning the next segment

What Happens if it Rains?

-Like the post office, they ride rain or shine

Route Highlights: Appalachian Mountains

-Lake Michigan & Chicago

-Big Sky Country

-Glacier National Park

-North Cascades National Park

-Olympic National Park

-San Juan Islands

Check out a preview of what he had to say when we sat down with him to find out about this Xtraordinary adventure. Follow his adventure through Instagram @kylem48 or through us @excite_bikes

Good Luck, Kyle! We cannot wait to live vicariously through you!

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